How to choose a netlinking agency

How to choose a netlinking agency

12 April 2024 - 16h06

What is link building?

Link building, also known as "link building," is one of the strategies of natural referencing (SEO). It aims to increase the visibility and traffic of a website by obtaining links (or "backlinks") from other websites.

In fact, the quality and quantity of links pointing to a website are ranking indicators used by Google. This allows it to determine the authority and relevance of the website in search results. Thus, a site that obtains quality links from other websites could easily appear prominently in search results.

Link building can take various forms. It includes, for example, creating quality content that encourages other websites to link to it. It also involves building partnerships with other website owners for link exchanges. In addition, it involves participating in forums or using social networks to promote a website and obtain links. However, it is important to ensure that you obtain quality backlinks from reliable, relevant, and authoritative sites.

Tips for choosing a link building agency

There are many tips for choosing a good link building agency and ensuring that each link is of quality.

Choose a reliable agency

It is crucial to ensure the reliability of the link building agency you are considering. If it specializes in referencing, it is capable of benefiting from a good position in the SERP (Google and search engine results). To do this, you can start by checking its positioning on relevant keywords in its industry. Also, check its Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and authority score.

Check the company's references

Pay particular attention to the company's references. This is an important indicator for finding a good link building agency. Indeed, companies that have proven themselves tend to have a strong online presence. A confident agency will not hesitate to display its client references. To get information, you can contact its clients and get their feedback on their collaboration with the agency.

Opt for an agency with the capabilities to audit your website

The link building audit helps determine the directions to take for the link building campaign. It is therefore inseparable from the link building service itself. For this, you should try to choose an agency capable of auditing your website.

The ideal link building agency should be able to conduct a thorough analysis of your backlink profile. It should be able to verify the quality and quantity of links, anchor texts, etc. But that's not all, it should also be able to analyze your competitors' backlinks. This is an important indicator for determining the strategies to deploy.

Make sure, therefore, that the agency you choose has a link building audit service in its offer.

Pay attention to the proposed link building strategy

To choose a link building agency, it is important to focus on the link building strategy it proposes. This aspect is essential for implementing all the recommendations resulting from the link building audit. It must be effective and consistent with the objectives of your project. The strategy must determine the keywords to use and vary the anchor texts of the links. In addition, it includes the marketing content strategy to adopt.

Choose a transparent agency

Transparency is a key element to consider when choosing a link building agency. The methods used to obtain backlinks must comply with Google's guidelines. They should not be likened to spam techniques.

Some agencies may use questionable link building methods. These include buying links or using networks of sites to place artificial links to their clients' sites. These practices can be harmful in the long term and lead to Google penalties for the sites involved.

It is therefore important to choose an agency that uses ethical link building methods and complies with Google's rules. The agency should be able to provide details about its techniques and the sources of the backlinks it obtains.

It is also crucial to ensure that the agency uses link building methods adapted to your needs and your industry. A serious agency should be able to provide personalized advice and propose solutions tailored to your business.


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